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Screw – spindle pumps belong into the group of volumetric pumps. The main working elements of the pump are three screw (helical) spindles (with special profile) and sleeve (casing). Screw spindle pumps can be compared with gear that have big screw length of his teeth or with piston pump which indefinite number of pistons. Pumps are made in horizontal and vertical accomplishment with adequate fitting flanges in horizontal or vertical position. Working spindles are totally hydraulically disburdened of axial forces. Fluid is moving axially without turbulence and mixing which enables pumping of a lot of viscous fluids without making foam.

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Hydraulic characteristics

Shaft sealing:

Sealing is made with help of oil seals (simmering) which are disburdened because they work under pressure at the suction. The shaft sealing also could be arranged by soft packing or mechanical seal. On special demand the pumps could be furnished with mechanical seal in accordance with the characteristics of the liquid and the operating conditions, including the possibility of sealing with cartridge mechanical seal.


  • High reliability;
  • Long service life;
  • Negligible maintenance;
  • High temperature capability and efficiency;
  • Smooth pulsation – free flow, without turbulence;
  • Low noise level and vibrations;
  • Excellent suction capability self priming;
  • Hydraulic balancing of forces eliminates need for bearings;
  • Well suited for use with variable speed drives.


  • Electric motor – standard;
  • Electric motor with anti explosive protection;
  • Reducer / Variator.

Technical data:

Capacity: 2,5 - 4200l/m
Viscosity: 12 - 800cst
Pressure: up to 80bar
Temperature :
Cast iron up to 180°C
Steel iron up to 260°C


Three-Spindle screw pumps are used for transport of viscous fluids with lubricating properties: lube oils, fuel oils, synthetic, mineral and vegetable oils. They are suited for variety of marine and offshore applications such as fuel-injection etc.

Typical applications:
  • As transport pumps for loading and uploading of tanks and tankers;
  • For lubricating of machines, motors, turbines, generators;
  • For dosing of mazut in burners;
  • For transport of viscous fluids for other applications.
Pos. Component Material
1 Pump Case Cast Iron
2 Impeller Steel
3 Shaft Stainless steel
4 Shaft sleeves Bronze
5 Bearing bracket Cast Iron
6 Pump cover Cast Iron
Optional materials: Cast iron (Gray, Ductile), Cast steel, SS (AISI 304, 316), Duplex SS, Super duplex SS, Bronze, AI, or other on customer request.