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Sewage pump, model M and VM, with open type of impeller, are centrifugal pumps of horizontal and vertical performance. These pumps are intended for pumping impure liquids with firm particles, such as waste waters, feces, sludge water and other ingredients at temperature not exceeding 80°C. These are single-stage with spiral case pumps. The suction joint is axial, connected to the pipe, and the discharge one is radial, turned to the center upwards.

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Hydraulic characteristics

Shaft sealing:

The shaft sealing could be arranged by soft packing or mechanical seal. Sealing between the spindle and bracket could be with felt ring and radial seal rings.

On special demand the pumps could be furnished with mechanical seal in accordance with the characteristics of the liquid and the operating conditions.


  • Electric motor with anti explosive protecton;
  • Diesel or Petrol motor.


Multistage type of pumps could be arranged in:

  • Horizontal verzion M;
  • Vertical versiopn VM.

Technical data:

Capacity: 2 - 200l/s
Head: 1,5 - 48m
Temperature: up to 80°C


  • Sewage fluids;
  • Sludge and fecal water;
  • Waste water treatment plants.


  • Due to special impeller shape (S-blade or impeller with spacious channel) it’s possible transport of polluted water with bigger solid parts;
  • Pumps type VM can be produced in “dry design” (pump is not installed under water level).

Pos. Component Material
1 Pump Case Cast Iron
2 Impeller Cast Iron
3 Shaft Stainless steel
4 Shaft bearing bracket Cast Iron
5 Shaft sleeves Stainless steel
Optional materials: Cast iron (Gray, Ductile), Cast steel, SS (AISI 304, 316), Duplex SS, Super duplex SS, Bronze, AI, or other on customer request.