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The MS are process duty multistage centrifugal pumps in ring section design, designed and produced for moderate to high pressure heads available in five basic sizes. The suction and pressure bodies can be rotated for 90° in both directions, which enables the pumps to be mounted and adapted to the requirements of the installation. Axial thrust is relieved by means of a drum mounted on the shaft inside the discharge hull, rest of the trust bears one of the roller bearings. The impellers are centrifugal of closed type identically fixed to a shaft, supported on two roller bearings.

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Hydraulic characteristics

Shaft sealing:

The shaft sealing could be arranged by soft packing or mechanical seal.

In soft packing arrangements the shaft is protected by replaceable, stainless sleeve while the stuffing box is furnished with lantern ring for introduction of cooling liquid into the packing.

On special demand the pumps could be furnished with mechanical seal in accordance with the characteristics of the liquid and the operating conditions.


  • Electric motor;
  • Diesel motor.


Multistage type of pumps could be arranged in:
  • Horizontal version MS, DMS, MSTD;
  • Vertical version MSS, VMS;
  • Cooling system MSTD.

Technical data:

Capacity: 1 - 240l/s
Head: 6 - 370m
Liquid temperature: up to 160°C


  • Water supply pumps, irrigation and drainage pumps in agriculture, water circulation pumps;
  • Mining and civil engineering;
  • Industrial and process services;
  • Transport of thin oils, petroleum products;
  • Chemical and process industry.


  • This MS pumps achieve very high pressure ≈ 30m / impeller;
  • Suction and discharge flanges can be rotated for 90° to conform with the pipeline;
  • One way of balancing the axial thrust in MS pumps is to arrange the impellers in opposite direction, another way of balancing the axial thrust is to use a balancing drum, the rest of the axial force is beared by roller bearings.
Pos. Component Material
1 Pump Case Cast Iron
2 Impeller Cast Iron, Bronze
3 Shaft Stainless steel
4 Shaft sleeve Hardened Stainless steel
Optional materials: Cast iron (Gray, Ductile), Cast steel, SS (AISI 304, 316), Duplex SS, Super duplex SS, Bronze, AI, or other on customer request.