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API Standard 610 Pumps Series

Single-stage Overhung Pumps - OH1

Single stage centrifugal pumps-overhung type, end suction, top discharge, single or double volute, foot mounted on a base plate and flexible coupling with spacer coupling to its driver. High efficiency and low NPSH performances.


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  • Centrifugal;
  • Overhung;
  • Flexible coupling;
  • Horizontal;
  • Foot mounted.


  • Oil Production;
  • Hydrocarbon processing;
  • Petrochemical processing;
  • General purpose;
  • Oil transportation;
  • General processing industry.

Technical data:

Flow capacity: 2500m3/h
Head: up to 160m
Max. discharge pressure: 40bar
Max. temperature: 320°C


  • Chemical industry;
  • Petrochemical industry;
  • Steel industry;
  • Utilities;
  • Water handling and treatment;
  • Delayed coking;
  • Catalytic cracking;
  • Distillation;
  • Gas treatment;
  • LNG;
  • Crude oil handling and treatment;
  • Hydrocarbons.