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Propeller pumps are of an axial type i.e. where water flows into a suction bell axially passing via impeller and stator diffuser, being further directed through a discharge pipe of piping. The shaft is by means of a flexible coupling joined with an electric motor. Propeller pumps are applied for the supply of high quantities of water at low heads, being thus very economically applied in the systems of irrigation and drainage, industry and others. Upon a customer's requirement, the pumps provided with deflecting blades in operation, are also produced.

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Propeller Pumps
Hydraulic characteristics

Shaft sealing:

The shaft sealing could be arranged by soft packing arrangement, the shaft is protected by replaceable, stainless steel sleeves.


  • Electric motor;
  • Diesel engine with a right angle gear unit upon request.


Propeller type of pumps could be arranged in several modifications, depending on:
  • Customer requirements;
  • Working and medium conditions;
  • Space available;
  • Applications where a special design is needed.


For supply of capacious quantities of water at low heads. Typical applications are in:
  • For Drainage;
  • Industrial plants;
  • Irrigation systems;
  • General purposes.

Technical data:

Capacity: 90 to 10 000l/s
Head: 0.5 to 18m
Temperature: up to 60°C


  • Easy installation
    The locating surface in the motor stool simplifies motor mounting and removes the requirement for alignment.
  • Reliable and hard-wearing
    The sleeve coupling is bi-rotational. Being fully encapsulated, the coupling offers high corrosion resistance and reliable operation.
  • Low maintenance costs
    Short shaft overhang makes for minimum shaft deflection and minimum bearing loads.
  • High operating reliability at low operating costs
    The maintenance-free and wear-resistant bearing operates without external cooling and lubrication facilities thus eliminating cost of periphery equipment. Temporary dry running during pump start-up is permitted, without damaging the pump. The pump's chemical and physical resistance makes it suitable for virtually any fluid (incl. solids-laden fluids).
  • Constant efficiencies
    Thanks to its corrosion and abrasion resistant materials the pump maintains its optimum efficiency.
  • Low maintenance
    The design of pump prevents clogging of the propeller blades from fibres in the fluid.
Pos. Component Material
1 Suction Bell Mouth Cast Iron
2 Stator diffuser Cast Iron
3 Tube casing Steel
4 Discharge elbow Steel
5 Electro-motor pedestal Steel
6 Impeller Alloyed Steel or Bronze
7 Shaft Alloyed Steel
Optional materials: Gray, Ductile Iron, Cast steel, SS (AISI 304, 316), Duplex SS, Super duplex SS, Bronze, or other on customer request.