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Our values

MZT Pumpi places a priority on its values and their compliance. Through out the workday, our employees exercise high level of commitment to our values whether on interpersonal communication, business contacts or establishing partnerships. In one word, our values guide us.

The following are just a few of the values that MZT Pumpi emphasizes:
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – We take personal responsibility for the environmental, social and economic impact of our decisions and actions.
  • Fairness – We are committed in applying ethical standards concerning the security of personal and MZT Pumpi confidential classified information and preserving the accuracy of our records, as well.
  • Cooperation – We share our expertise and celebrate the potential of every individual. Our employees have equal opportunity in pursuing their goals through fresh thinking and infusion of new ideas.
  • Team Orientation-We stimulate team work and we believe in the synergy of knowledge acquired through team activities.
  • Customer focus – MZT Pumpi is completely oriented toward its customers. We always tend to understand the business of our customers and focus to better meet their needs and offer solutions to their problems.
  • Quality – In order to ensure quality of the products, we adopt continuous quality control starting from the materials input, through treatment, assembling and testing to preparation for delivery and packing.

Today: Prepared for the future

Today, MZT Pumpi is among the biggest manufacturers of Industrial Pumps for transport of water, oil and oil derivate.

The key elements to survive in this globalized market are flexibility towards market changes and ability to innovate-both in product designs as well as business processes. Following the worldwide development in the pump industry, our staff constantly faces with the growing challenges to keep abreast of the numerous innovations in pump designs as well as improved technical characteristics, simultaneously conforming to the environmental protection ecological standards.

Whether it’s product development, manufacturing, sales or after sales services, the goal of MZT Pumpi is to always achieve a proper balance in providing high-quality products per competitive price with short delivery terms.

The field experience of our employees accompanied with the adoption of Management and Technical Standards are the foundation upon which we create highly innovative and technically superior products.