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Newspaper Page Issue Date Project
Magazine Pumps and Systems 108-109 September 2016 Magazine Pumps and Systems
Magazine WorldPumps Web Article Jan 2016 12 drainage water pumps for mining
Water/Wastewater Web Article Jan 2016 Archimedean Screw Pump Installed at Serbian WWTP
"MZT Pumpi Delivers Pumps to Iraq" 35 January 2016 MZT Pumpi Delivers Pumps to Iraq
"Scandinavian Oil-Gas Magazine" 292 July - August 2013 Screw and Spindle Volumetric Pumps
"World Pumps" Web Article June-July 2013 MZT Pumpi delivers centrifugal pumps to Germany
"Scandinavian Oil-Gas Magazine" Web Article April-May 2013 MZT Pumpi Manufactures and Installs New Pump Aggregates
"World Pumps" Web Article April-May 2013 Mzt pumpi delivers to oil gas company
EUREKA 76-77 Sept-Oct 2012 TPP Bobov Dol Bulgaria
Delta P 53,54 Yearbook 2012 Elektroprivreda Bosnia and Herzegovina. Page 53, page 54
PUMPS & SYSTEMS 8 APRIL 2012 Thermal Power Plant Bobov Dol
Fluids - Processing / February 2012 Thermal Power Plant Bobov Dol.
"По одной дороге с миром Россия и Македония" Year edition January, 2011  MZT Pumpi, Company profile
"Arab Water World" 59 August, 2010 New Archimedian screw pumps for wastewater treatment plant
"Spic" 6 August, 2010 Beogradske elektrane, Buchim, UNDP
"Water Link International" Web Article July, 2010 Beogradske elektrane
"Water21" Web Article July, 2010 Buchim mine and Beogradske elektrane projects
"Pump Engineer" Web Article July, 2010 Mittal Steel Zenica
"Water Link International" Web Article April, 2010 Belgrade heating plants
"World Pumps" Web Article March, 2010 Project: Archimedean screw pumps for wastewater treatment plant in Skopje
"Hydro International" 30, 31 October 2009 Project: MZT Pumpi Company Profile
"Delta P Global" 44, 45 Yearbook 2009 Project: MZT Pumpi Company Profile
“Hydro International”  7 May, 2009 Vatvedt Technology AS, Sarbsborg (Norway)
“Pomp NL”  75 April, 2009 Belorusneft, Republic of Belarus
“OG & PE”  16 April, 2009 BCP petroleum pumps
“Pollution Solutions” 16 Mar 2009 Vatvedt Technology AS, Sarbsborg (Norway)
“Eureka” 26 Dec, 2008 Belgrade Heathing Plants.
“PCN Europe” 25 Octo, 2008 Mittal Steel Zenica
“Aquarama” 6 Sept, 2008 Mittal Steel Zenica
“Fluid Processing” / Aug, 2008 Belgrade Heating Plants
“World Pumps” 5 June, 2008 Newco Feronikeli
“Industrija” 1 April, 2008 US Steel
“Industrija”  35 Mart, 2008 JP Beogradske Elektrane