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Government of the Republic of Macedonia - Direction of Protection and Saving


Production and delivery of propeller pumps and diesel pump units.


Ministry of Economy of Republic of Macedonia-Sector of agro-industry and structural reforms.

Brief description:

Production and delivery of mobile pump units, ready for traffic participation, with installed signal and breaking devices, suitable for pulling and protected of atmospheric influences. The main application is for firefighting purposes, irrigation and drainage. The pump units are equipped with monitoring panel, ejector system, suction hoses-length 6 m, two discharge connectors and fire fighting hoses with total length of 300m per diesel pump unit, including fire fighting couplings for fast connection.

Realized activities:

  • Production and delivery and of 2 propeller pumps with capacity of 800l/sec, TDH of 5.5m, 75kW and electro motor on 960 rpm;
  • Production and delivery of diesel pump units (diesel engine IVEKO 86 kW, pump S10CP31 with characteristics Q=42-47l/sec, H=60-74mvs on 2300rpm, transported medium water, sealing-lip seal).

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