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JKP Proleter - Resen, Macedonia


Environmetal protection of Prespa lake. Rehabilitation of the waste water treatment plant Ezerani in Resen, Macedonia. The project was financed by the German government through KFW Bank.

Brief description:

The main scope of this project was protection of the Prespa Lake from further pollution by untreated wastewater through immediate measures. The measures include:

  • The rehabilitation / upgrading of the waste water treatment plant (WWTP) in Ezerani;
  • The connection of two more villages to the Sewerage system.

Realized activities:

  • Rehabilitation of sedimentation tanks;
  • Rehabilitation of inlet screens;
  • Installation of blowers for aeration;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Automation;
  • Installation of new grit classifier;
  • Design, production and installation of new belt conveyors;
  • Installation of new mixers in aeration tanks;
  • Electrical works;
  • Civil works.

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