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Client: Feni Industry – Kavadarci Republic of Macedonia


Project: Design and installation of a system for disseminating and transport of fractions to disposal place and adding in Roto furnace

Realization of the project:

2010 year

Brief discription:

Design, manufacture and installation of two feeders for adding ore in bunkers with capacity of Q = 130 t / h Realized activities:
  • Design of feeders with apron plate chains and cross beams with capacity of Q = 130 t / h. and regulation of capacity
  • Manufacture of feeders with bunkers from high quality steel materials
  • Manufacture of apron plate chains for this project
  • Manufacture of steel construction, with hoppers and screens
  • Manufacture of complete conveyors with rubber belt
  • Design and manufacture of 3 reversible conveyors with rubber belt
Assembly of the overall equipment for the system:
  • Assembly of the feeder for bunker
  • Assembly of steel construction
  • Mounting the screen
  • Assembly of conveyors
  • Putting into operation

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