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DONG-IL ENT CO., LTD – South Korea


Production and delivery of 9 Screw Spindle pumps for the needs of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering

Realization of the project:

2010 year

Brief discription:

MZT Pumpi has specially designed and delivered 9 Screw Spindle pumps to the South Korea Company DONG-IL ENT CO., LTD. for the needs of their client Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. The capacity of the pumps is up to 40 m³/h, and they are DNV certified.

Realized activities:

Manufacturing of 9 Screw Spindle pumps with the following characteristics:
  • KHVP3/2/MZ with Q=2,5 m³/h and H=2,5 bar (mechanical seal) – Qty 3
  • KHVPp50/2MZ with Q=40 m³/h and H=5,5 bar (mechanical seal) – Qty 2
  • KHVP 10/2MZ with Q=5,64 m³/h and H=2 bar (mechanical seal) – Qty 2
  • KHVP 20/2MZ with Q=18 m³/h and H=1,5 bar (mechanical seal) – Qty 2
DNV Certification

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