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MINEL, Serbia


Manufacturing of end suction centrifugal pumps for transport of cold and hot water in Belgrade Heating Plants, Serbia

Realization of the project:

2009 year

Brief discription:

The main aim of this project was manufacturing of end suction pumps for circulation of hot and cold water through heating plant. Pumps are installed in Belgrade Heating Plants and they are intended for transport of cold and hot water up to 180°C.

Realized activities:

  • Manufacturing of 3 End suction – single stage pumps
  • Characteristics:
    Type ST10CP16c with electromotor, N=11kW, n=2900 rpm, Q=70-80m³/h, H=2bar Type ST30CP51 with electromotor, N=250kW, n=1450 rpm, Q=1190 m³/h, H=5bar Type ST35CP51 with electromotor, N=710 kW, n=1450 rpm, Q=1700 m³/h, H=12,3 bar

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