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Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje – TITAN GROUP


PRE-DEDUSTING before Coal Mill

Realization of the project:

2012-2013 year

Brief discription:

Installation of piping, equipment and insulation to transport hot gases from the kiln to the vertical mill Realized activities:

Equipment for Mounting:

  • Pipeline with different diameters and insulation;
  • Steel pillar on the concrete platform;
  • Hurriclon 2000 st with outlet spiral;
  • Rotary and slide gates;
  • Meal diverter;
  • Screw conveyor;
  • Shut off flap;
  • Textile expansion joints;
  • Counter flanges and deflectors;
  • Hurriclon fan;
  • Booster fan and;
  • All needed steel construction of about 100 tons.

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