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Production and delivery of End Suction Centrifugal Pumps type SCP 32-160, SCP 40-160, SCP 50-160 and SCP 50-200 for transport of diesel fuel.

Brief description:

The main objective of the project was manufacturing of 9 (nine) pump units for the needs of project in Macedonia for transport of diesel fuel.

Realized activities:

  • Production and delivery of 9 (nine) END SUCTION CENTRIFUGAL PUMP,  type: SCP32-160;SCP40-160;SCP50-160; SCP50-200 for transport  of diesel fuel, with the following characteristics:
    • Q=3,3-16,7 [l/sek]
    • H=25-40 [m]
    • N=4-11 [kW]
    • n=2900 [RPM]
    • Sealing: Mechanical Seal

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Our prime goal – to make our customers’ equipment work more efficiently and trouble-free.

Each product – susceptible to installation and commissioning by a specialized work team;



Production and delivery of End Suction Centrifugal Pumps ST35CP65; ST30CP51 and one pump type: MSH 40-9. This pumps is for transport of hot water for propose of needs for BELGRAD HEATING  PLANTS  in Srbija.

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