Single stage, low pressure, centrifugal end suction pump with an axial inlet into the impeller and flanged bearing frame. Simple and compact design, suitable for flexible coupling to electric motor or internal combustion engine as a drive. Fast and easy dismounting without detaching from the existing pipeline.

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Shaft sealing:

The shaft sealing could be arranged by soft packing or mechanical seal.

In soft packing arrangements the shaft is protected by replaceable, stainless sleeve while the stuffingbox is furnished with lantern ring for introduction of cooling liquid into the packing.

On special demand the pumps could be furnished with mechanical seal in accordance with the characteristics of the liquid and the operating conditions.


  • Electric motor;
  • Diesel motor.


  • Horizontal arrangement->SCP; 
    Horizontal arrangement for thermal oil -> STCP; 
  • Vertical arrangement->VSCP.

Technical data:

Capacity:          up to 2500 m3/h;
Head:                up to 150 m;
Pump size:       up to DN 300;
Temperature:  up to 160°C


For liquid transfer and circulation of cold and hot clean or slightly polluted water. Typical applications are in:

  • Municipal water supply;
  • Domestic water supply;
  • Industrial plants;
  • Boiler feed and condensate systems;
  • Irrigation and dewatering;
  • General purposes.


  • Ample dimensioned shaft guided through roller bearings and hardened shaft sleeve;
  • Reliable wet impeller technology;
  • Fully-enclosed single piece casting;
  • High operating reliability due to maintenance and service parts.
1Pump CaseCast Iron
2ImpellerCast Iron
3ShaftStainless steel
4Shaft sleeveStainless steel
5Bearing bracketCast Iron
6Pump coverCast Iron
Optional materials: Cast iron (Gray, Ductile), Cast steel, SS (AISI 304, 316), Duplex SS, Super duplex SS, Bronze, AI, or other on customer request.

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STRABAG AG Subsidiary STABAG Skopje, PS Udovo, Macedonia

Production and delivery of 4 (four) Propeller pump aggregates units for the needs of Pump Station Udovo – Macedonia for transport of clean water.

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