Established in 1945 as a small fire fighting pumps manufacturer in order to give an impulse in the reconstruction and development process during the post-war period, MZT Pumpi has grown into the biggest manufacturer of Pumps within the territory of Former Yugoslav Republic.

During the process of transition and privatization of the state-owned companies, MZT Pumpi was transformed to Joined Stock Company with 96% of the shares in private ownership. Since its privatization, major changes have been made in order to adjust to the competitive environment accompanied with higher customer demands oriented towards non-standard (specialized) products.

Combining over 70 years of cumulative experience with intensive investments in technology and equipment, we have succeeded to build a brand with an impressive track record within the pump industry in the Republic of Macedonia, the region and worldwide as well.

History in pump development

MZT Pumpi success is a result of its own development and research, having a separate R&D department. The broad product range of MZT Pumpi nowadays is a result of a thorough research and development process in the past seven decades realized jointly with our skilled engineers, research institutes and universities, as well as close cooperation with our customers, who give us feedback and input for constant improvement and supplement of our product range.

MZT Pumpi was founded and started production of mobile diesel pump units, mainly for fire-fighting purposes;

– Production of hydrophones, hand vane pumps, water meters for transport and treatment of potable and industrial water;

– Production of end suction pumps mainly for communal services in as well as transport of water in industrial plants; 
– Production of Three Screw Spindle Pumps for transport of high viscous mediums became the strategic goal.

– Production of dosing pumps, rotary vane pumps and multistage centrifugal pumps;

– Production of deep well pumps and pumps for special purposes; 
– Beginning of development and production of petrol centrifugal pumps for transport of highly evaporating mediums: petrol, liquid gases etc.

– Development of products for hydro-mechanical equipment;

– Development of End Suction pumps according to ISO 2858; 
– Development of new sizes of three screw spindle pumps; 
– First Step towards development of Submersible pumps.

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After-Sales service

Our prime goal – to make our customers’ equipment work more efficiently and trouble-free.

Each product – susceptible to installation and commissioning by a specialized work team;


STRABAG AG Subsidiary STABAG Skopje, PS Udovo, Macedonia

Production and delivery of 4 (four) Propeller pump aggregates units for the needs of Pump Station Udovo – Macedonia for transport of clean water.

Why you should contact us?

In the decision process of choosing an adequate representative company we will be evaluating several criteria: its reputation on the specific market, sales organization and after sales service capability, use of promotional and communications tools, the financial strength and size of the company, the existence of physical facilities and willingness to carry inventories, and the trading areas covered and the compatibility of represented companies with our product range.